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Thyroid Diseases

Low Body Temp and Thyroid Nodule Questions



My body temperature (measured on waking and before rising) seldom rises about 96.5. I tracked it for two months and in that time, it only reached 98.6 on two days out of the 60. I have many of the physical symptoms for Cushing's, PCOS, and/or hypothyrodism, however blood tests have not been conclusive. I took my temperature chart with me to the endocrinologist (the 2nd of two that thought that I must have Cushing's when they first examined me), but he did not think that the low body temperatures were of any consequence. Is it?

I was diagnosed several years ago by another endocrinologist as having a very small nodule on my thyroid, but none of the doctors seem to think this is of any consequence either. I just keep gaining weight despite exercise and a balanced diet. I now weigh over 300 pounds.

I am on no medication except for Advil for my feet. Thank you for your time.


Different people have different set points for their body temperature.  By itself, the body temperature pattern you describe has no medical significance.

If the thyroid nodule is over 1 centimeter in size it should be biopsied.  If it is under one centimeter in size it should be checked periodically.  Some would say it should be followed periodically with a thyroid ultrasound.

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