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Urinary Disorders

Kidney Contractions left/right side



I have kidney pain and what feels like contractions(aching) right in my kidney area. It is more pronounced after a meal and later in the day, evening. A heating pad lessons the aching. But it returns the next day. No typical signs of infection, but a general feeling of fatique. Is this a typical kidney problem?


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Usually, the so called "kidney pain" refers to flank pain. This pain is a sharp or dull pain that is associated with nausea, blood or puss in the urine and or fever. However, the pain described above suggest abdominal pain which is aggravated by injestion of food.

I found it difficult to blame the kidney for such a pain, unless the same pain had been experienced by the patient in the past and ailment of the kidney was then proven.

At times, the back pain also could be caused by muscle cramping or arthritis of the spine. If the "kidney pain" continues then a routine urine exam may confirm the kidney as the cause.

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