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Skin Care and Diseases

Red moles



Several years ago I cut my leg while shaving. I noticed that that spot became a red mole on my thigh. Since then I have noticed other red moles on my hips, under my arms and some across my abdomen. I wonder if this could be some type of poison in my body? My mother and my sister have the same red moles in similar places. Is this hereditary? If not does anyone know what causes them?

Thank you.


With the exception of the red spot that appeared in the cut on your thigh, you have described small cherry angiomas that are seen in virtually every individual over 25 years of age.  Occasionally they occur sooner.  They are not associated with any significant abnormality to my knowledge.  They tend to increase with age, and the extent in number probably is genetically determined.  The real understanding of why these appear is not clearly understood.

The red lesion on your thigh may also be one of the cherry angiomas, but at the sight of trauma, occasional pyogenic granulomas appear and these are inflammatory vascular lesions that may enlarge and may bleed but are completely benign.  

In order to put your mind at rest, I would urge that you see a board certified dermatologist who can examine all of the lesions and be sure that they are of a benign nature.   Please do that at your earliest convenience. 

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Response by:

Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati