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Smoking and Tobacco




I smoked a black and mild with the cancer paper out and inhaled like twice. Then i smoked one yesurday with the cancer paper in it and inhaled once. Will i be fine or is that really bad.


Black and Milds are filled with pipe tobacco, have plastic tips to smoke from and are machine-made in the United States.  They contain more nicotine than is in a cigarette.  Therefore, if inhaled, Black and Milds could lead to more nicotine exposure.  The Black and Mild five pack are the top selling cigar package in the U.S.  Black and Milds also come in different flavors, including Black and Mild Mild, Black and Mild Cherry, Black and Mild Apple, and Gold and Mild.  Flavorings sometimes mask the harshness of inhaled tobacco smoke and may increase a person's exposure.

A burning Black and Mild contains carbon monoxide as does a cigarette.  This is not a safe alternative to a cigarette.

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Karen L Ahijevych, PhD, RN, FAAN Karen L Ahijevych, PhD, RN, FAAN
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