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Dental Anesthesia

Local anesthesia for wisdom teeth extraction



I am 24 years old and i think it is time for my wisdom tooth, yes just the one, to come out. The others seem to have come developed fine due to the fact that i had braces when i was young and i think they made room for the other three wisdoms. My concern is that in previous surgery on sebascious cysts i have had removed; one behind my ear and one on the back of my neck. They used local anesthesia which resulted in dizzyness and vomitting. You can see how this would be a problem in the case of working in my mouth, otherwise i would be fine with it. I have had no allergic reactions to anything before and as far as i know i am not allergic to anything. The previous anesthesia was done in two completely different institutes. I have also had no serious illnesses as of yet. What should i ask my dentist and what should be concerned about? Thank you.


This does not sound like a true allergic reaction but rather, a reaction to the adrenaline in the local anesthetic or stress surrounding the pain of the injection or the injection itself.  Discuss this with your dentist.  He or she may give you a "test dose" of anesthetic in your mouth before proceeding with full local anesthesia of the tooth involved.  Some sedation, for instance with laughing gas (nitrous oxide), may be beneficial for local anesthetic administration and possibly the procedure itself.

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