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Sports Medicine

Pain in my wrist



I looked on your website for anything about nerve damage or musscle problems but could not find anything. My problem is this. I have a Sharp pain that pirces up from my wrist to mid arm on the inside of my right arm everytime I try to extend my arm at the elbow 180 degree`s. It acctually starts hurting before that around 140 (thats when it starts to feel like something is pulling. It started yesterday morning in my upper arm and worked its way down toi where it is now. Any idea on what it could be?


This site provides medical information, but a specific diagnosis cannot be made over the Internet.

If you've had any trauma to your right upper limb, there could be a problem involving your elbow or wrist joint. If there's been no specific trauma but you engage in repetitive manual activities such as typing, repetitive or sustained gripping, etc., there could be strain of a forearm muscle, or at a tendon attachment (most likely at the elbow, since elbow motion aggravates your symptoms). Sometimes, a problem with the shoulder can cause pain to refer down the upper limb. A pinched nerve in your neck could also cause wrist or forearm pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) - which is a problem involving the median nerve in the wrist - doesn't cause wrist pain, but could cause forearm pain... however, the main symptom of CTS is usually numbness and tingling in the fingers and thumb, which you didn't mention.

If your symptoms persist or are sufficiently bothersome, you should consult with your physician.

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Brian L Bowyer, MD Brian L Bowyer, MD
Clinical Associate Professor
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University