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Urinary and Genital Disorders (Children)

Enlarged kidney, spleen and liver



I have four years old daughter. She complains about pain on her left side under the ribs (Spleen area). A year before when we got her ultrasound and VCUG done, she had problems of urinary reflux and was put on antibiotics for a year. Though she is still taking that antibiotic but last week, she had UTI again. Her primary doctor again suggested that she be put on different antibiotics for 10days. She was still complaining of abdominal pain when I got her checked for the UTI. I recommended her to send her for ultrasound. In the ultrasound they found that her Left Kidney shows the reflux also her kidneys, liver and spleen were enlarged for her age. Could you please provide us the second opinion what is cause of the enlargement in her organs. Thanks hope you can help us!


An enlarged spleen and liver has nothing to do with reflux and might be a sign of another problem. Reflux rarely causes pain and only increases the risk of kidney infections. Your doctor may need to do some blood tests to check for problems that can lead to liver and spleen enlargement.

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Rama   Jayanthi, MD Rama Jayanthi, MD
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