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Exercise and Fitness

Exercise induced headache



I recently started a weight training program using a home weight machine. Last week, on two occasions, I experienced severe pain on one side of my head--primarily around my right eye--while lifting weights. The pain lasted for a few minutes and then subsided. I saw my primary care provider, who thought it could be an exercise-induced migraine. Because the acute pain only lasted a few moments, I`m wondering if I should be satisfied with that opinion. The primary care provider did not think any additional testing was necessary and told me to lower the amount of weight that I am lifting. I did lower the weight today, but still developed a slight amount of pain at the end of the weight set; however, it was not as severe as it had been with the higher weights. Do you think I should have other testing done? (P.S. I am slightly overweight and have normal to low blood pressure --tested in the office at 104/65.)


Since the severity of the headache went down with the decreasing of weights, I would suggest you lower the weights again.  If this problem continues, even with lower weights, I would get a second opinion on your situation from another physician.  Good luck. 

P.S. Remember to keep breathing while exercising and do not hold your breath.

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Jayme   Johnson, MS Jayme Johnson, MS
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