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Enlarged uterus



My ob/gyn has stated that I have an enlarged uterus. He did a sonogram and has determined that it is NOT because of fibroids or a growth. Although he says that this can "just happen" I am wondering if there are any underlying conditions to be concerned about, particularly since my periods have become extremely heavy in the last 2 years (I am 47). Also, are there any treatments to make the uterus shrink back to a normal size?


The uterus can be enlarged because of childbearing.  The uterine muscle grows with each pregnancy and the uterus is left enlarged.  There is also a condition called ADENOMYOSIS where the lining of the uterus grows into the muscle of the uterus.  It can cause painful periods and heavy/irregular bleeding.  Unfortunately, this can only be diagnosed after the uterus is removed.

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