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Breast Feeding

Drying out



Hello Iam a 26 yrs old mom 2nd time my little girl was born on June 6th and she is not getting the milk she needs from the breast because their drying out

HELP ME what can I do I love the time I get when I can lay back and watch my baby feed from my own breast not the bottle PLEASE HELP ME GET MY MILK BACK. from needy mom


You need to be sure your latch is close and deep, and massage your breast toward the baby’s mouth while she is nursing.

You need to pump your breasts simultaneously with an electric pump, after each feeding and feed that milk to your baby after she has nursed as much as possible from both breasts.

You need to drink a variety of beverages (not just water) such as Gatorade or Propel, juices, ginger ale, etc., at least 64 oz per day. That helps your let-down hormone, oxytocin.

Feed the baby or pump your breasts every three hours including during the night.

Milk often diminishes when babies start sleeping through the night.

Try to rest lying down for about 1 hour each afternoon. That helps the blood supply and nutrition get to your breasts. Avoid wearing any under-wire bra.

Take Fenugreek at least 1220 mg 4 times per day, for at least 2 weeks. It takes that long for any effect to take place.

That helps your milk making hormone, prolactin.

Good luck!

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