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Recovery time for brain aneurysm



I have a dear friend that had a brain aneurysm burst, and in the stage of recovery. He is eighty years old and afraid to speak because he doesn`t want people to laugh at him. Is there any way to help his recovery by using eye hand coordination techniques, too stimulated his recovery?


Hand eye coordination tasks will probably not have a substantial impact on his speech recovery. I suggest that you contact a physiatrist (a MD who specializes in rehabilitation) so that he/she can organize a far-reaching and organized program of care. Ideally, this program will include a speech therapist who can work with your friend on his speech impairment.

Your friend should also know that the research seems to suggest that the brain functions in a "use it or lose it" manner after a stroke; he is most likely to get some improvement if he practices and talks at every opportunity. Research suggests that this practice provides the brain with opportunity to "rewire" around the aneurysm and regain lost function by recruiting new areas.


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Stephen J Page, PhD Stephen J Page, PhD
Director of Research, Associate Professor
Drake Center
University of Cincinnati