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Dental and Oral Health (Seniors)

Ear, jaw, and gum pain



For the last few months I`ve had spurts of medium discomfort. What happens feels like slight pressure in my left ear (sort of like swimmer`s ear) and then my upper left half of my gums gets sensitive, especially my front left canine and my back molars.

Also, I get a sort of blood bubble next to the upper left molar that occasionally pops. I`ve taken tylenol, which relieves the pain slightly, but it feels like I need to have constant pressure against the teeth (like I`m teething) in order to have it stop. I`ve never had my wisdom teeth out because I have never needed to.

I have poor teeth enamel so I have always had teeth problem and now I have veneers covering my front 10 upper teeth. I have no idea what it could be but when it comes it disturbs my sleep and my daily routine.


It looks like you have an abscess on your upper left molar.  If this is the problem, you may need a root canal and a new crown if you want to save the tooth, or eventually it will need to be extracted.  Go back to your general dentist or endodontics (specialist in root canals) and get some radiographs done.

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Alfredo  Hernandez, DDS, MS Alfredo Hernandez, DDS, MS
Assistant Professor of Comprehensive Care
School of Dental Medicine
Case Western Reserve University