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Pharmacy and Medications

What pill is this?



I founds some pills in my niece`s bag. One side reads 40, the reverse side reads PD 157. Someone said it looks like some type of a loratab, or pain pill.


The tablet with an imprint of PD 157, with 40 on the opposite side is most likely a Lipitor 40 mg. tab. Lipitor is not used for pain control, but is used to lower cholesterol levels in someone that has high cholesterol.

If it is possible that your niece has not inherited a high cholesterol condition, she may be under the impression that these tablets are something other than what was described above. Any time an unusual medication is found outside a valid prescription bottle, it is always a good idea to discuss the findings with the individual. Misunderstandings may be corrected, and the individual may be educated as to the actual use and dangers associated with misuse. Young folks will make decisions on their own, such as accepting and possessing an unknown medication, so it is a perfect opportunity to help make sure their choices are smart ones.

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Response by:

Jan Scaglione, MT, PharmD, D.ABAT
Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati