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Breast Cancer

Slight pain in left breast



i am 25 year old and i had got this slight feeling of tenderness and slight pain in my left breast last year in January but i noticed that it goes every time when my period got started and i dont have that all the time it come and it go and not on one area. some time i didnt have that for months but later at the start of this year i noticed that its not got ok even with my periods. one thing that i noticed is that it gets ok when ever i take bath or when i sleep . i checked my gynocologist and and she examined my both breasts for any nodules or lump but there was nothing but there was some secretion of colorless fluid in both breast (pain is in left one only) so she recommended me Parlodel (Bromocriptine) for three months.after using that pain got better but not gone all together. i dont feel any redness or any swelling or change in shape. the pain/ tenderness is not on one area in my left breast.i dont feel any pain by touching oreven pressing it hard. plz do tell me what to do


It sounds, from your description, that you have breast pain, treated with Parlodel. Having breast pain is a normal problem that many women describe. The good news is that there is no correlation with breast pain and breast cancer.  Cutting down on caffeine (even chocolate) and cigarettes is very helpful in relieving pain for many women.

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