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Skin Care and Diseases

How do I prevent this??? please help



hi, im going into highschool and everytime i am outside and its hot or the sun is out, i get big red blotches or spots all over my legs. They are NOT raised or itchy. They are just big red spots all over and when you touch them they are really hot. I dont know what to do because even if im only outside for 1 minute they will show up. And im gonna have gym for an hour and a half. I`ve tried wearing long pants during gym to see if they wont show up, but they still do. It`s emabrrissing walking in between classes, because they are always there and it looks like I have a disease. Once im inside, in cool conditioning, they usually go away within 10 to15 minutes. But then i just go to a different class, and they show up again. Iv tried sun tan lotion, but i still get them. Please help. If you know of anything that will prevent me from getting the red blotches please answer me, cuz I would appreciate it very much. thanks


I am not quite sure what you have.  It is unlikely to be serious since it usually resolves in cooling conditions.  I am sure it is part of your heat regulatory mechanism.  There are cosmetics that cover this......Dermablend cosmetics can be waterproofed so that you can participate in physical activities, wear shorts, etc. without embarrassment.

However, I am not certain what you have.  There are a series of conditions that are characterized by flushing, and they should be investigated.  The best advice I can give you is to see your board certified dermatologist in a medical center for a complete review.  They are more likely to have seen unusual cases and can help you with a complete work up and careful evaluation, and precise diagnosis.

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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati