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Skin Care and Diseases

My sister



my sister would have problems with her scalp she has gone to many doctors/hospitals for her prob she hasnt had it for awhile but the last time she has had this prob.. right in the middle of of head dead center her scalp would split in half n then cause to scab then all this pus would build up pushes itself up to the top of the hole in her head she had me look at it i told her go see a doctor u could put ur hand over her head n feel this heat sensation from this i took her to a doctor n they had to numb this thing n drain it out(digg it out) she had a massive hole in her head it got as big as a golf ball u see it sticking up out of her head she lost a tremedous amount of hair then it would grow back doctors say it was staph infections at nights when she lay down it burst open n her pilliow would be drenched from this problem it make a huge dent in her head then it caused her scalp to split open in half(like when u tear a piece of paper) she had tremendous pain numbness headaches her head felt like it was bout read to explode it felt like her head was on fire from this thing that was causeing her scalp to split in half any idea wat this is she hasnt had it for a longtime now about a yr and half it takes about 6 months for this thing to heal up i was readin up on staph infect. but nothing it says where it can spread to the scalp later on the same thing happen but she develope 4 more of them 2 on left side n 2 on her right sife of the head besdies the one in the center of her head all lined up wit the one in the center of her head


If your sister has nodules and/or pustules on her scalp and problems with the skin tearing, she must be seen by a qualified physician for an accurate diagnosis, possible biopsy, and then discussion of treatment.  She may have an infection that needs to be treated intensively or other abnormality.  Please see your board certified dermatologist or qualified family physician as soon as possible for an opinion. 

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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati