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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

Labyrinthitis after flying



I have exzema in my ears which are always very itchy. They are always getting sore with all the scratching I am doing. Every time I fly I get Labrynthitis. Is there anything i can do to help as this labrynthitis is awful and ruins every holiday I take Thank you


Itching in the ears is generally due to dry skin, and the best remedy is to keep the skin of the ear canal moist.  This is most easily accomplished with topical drops of mineral oil or baby oil. 

Labyrinthitis is an infection or inflammation of the inner ear, and it is unlikely you are truly experiencing this when you fly.  It is more likely you are experiencing pressure problems in your ears, and this is related to eustachian tube dysfunction, and is a middle ear problem.  I would suggest you see an ear, nose, and throat physician for further evaluation. 

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Myles L Pensak, MD Myles L Pensak, MD
H. B. Broidy Professor and Chair of Otolaryngology
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati