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Sore breast



For the past year my breast have been very sore. There sore for 3 weeks out of the month. I do drink a lot of diet coke could this be causing it. I`m 45 and have no sign of menopause.


Caffeine and chocolate do bother some women.  You could try eliminating those items for a month and see if it makes a difference for you.  Some women use evening primrose oil capsules, but the studies show mixed results.  Chronic use of underwire bras can cause discomfort along the outer edge of the breasts.

Have you started any new exercises or have you had a back injury?  Be sure you are up to date on your mammogram and breast examination.  It would be good to discuss the problem with your physician.

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Margery   Gass, MD Margery Gass, MD
Formely, Professor, Clinical Obstetrics & Gynecology
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati