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Sensation after urinating



For as long as I can remember, I`ve had a weird sensation after urinating for up to 10-15 minutes. It`s not painful, it`s not itching or anything. It`s just....I don`t know, weird. It feels as if I either having wiped good enough and there`s a remainder that feels somewhat burning (because of the urine acid feeling) or it feels like there`s still more to come out when there really isn`t. Is this normal? Have you ever heard of this?


There are several conditions that cause odd sensations after 
urinating.  A burning or urgency could be a bladder infection, but it wouldn't have lasted this long.  There are some conditions of the bladder and the tube that drains the bladder that can cause these symptoms.  They are outside the scope of my practice, but a urologist would be the person to see about this.  You could have a skin condition of the vagina or vulva that is causing these symptoms, but it is usually painful.

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