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What is Moderate Hypochromasia?



I had my blood tested and my hemoglobin(9.5),hematocrit(28.6),MCV(65.1),MCH(21.7) levels were all in the low range. However, my RDW count was high(17.4). My Morphological review stated:Moderate Hypochromasis Slight Anisocytosis Slight Poikilocytosis What does it mean?


This means the amount of hemoglobin in the red cell is less than normal. You also have anemia, and the two most common causes of this combination would be deficiency of iron or an inherited disorder called thallassemia.  You should have your iron levels measured, and see your family physician.

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Eric H Kraut, MD Eric H Kraut, MD
Professor of Hematology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University