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Persistent post motorcycle accident injuries



I am a 38 yr old male. I was involved in a motorcycle accident 6 months ago, when I was hit by a car, resulting in me being thrown over the handlebars. I received injuries to the neck, upper back, mid-lower back, right arm, right calf, right achilles, left knee. I recall landing on my left side, though most of the "strains" and continued pain is on the right side.

I have received chiropractor work which appeared to relieve the initial neck and back muscular stiffness. I also receieved some 15 ultrasound and massage treatments to my right calf and achilles. This got rid of the muscular pain, however has made no impact on the achilles injury at all. An MRI has shown no damage evident on the achilles. The pain I have in the achilles is the same now as immediately following the accident. I am also now suffering pain on the inside of my right knee to top of shin (below the knee joint and not on the soft tissue). This has been constant for several weeks now and is not the result of any further accident / sport etc. It feels like someone has kicked me direct on the bone. Any light exercise reults in it feeling like the knee may buckle. My doctor suggests it it is tendonitis. However, I believe this is the wrong area for this, as it would be more central, on soft tissue and not be constant ache. In addition I continue to have the same strain in the upper right arm as following the accident.

I reside in Bermuda, where the expertise does not seem to be available to provide expert diagnosis on these problems. I would be grateful for any thoughts or advice from you or your colleagues.

Kind Regards (and thanks)


We feel strongly that you should consult an appropriate physician who can appropriately diagnose your condition. We appreciate that you are in Bermuda, and realize that you may have to seek appropriate medical care outside of the confines of the island. However, it is difficult for us to properly diagnose this over the Internet.

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