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I have been reading and most (and I say most because what I am finding for reasons for a hyserectomy is excessive bleeding), I am having no bleeding. I went 5 months without a period and I had one a week ago, and although it was very light, the pain was horrible. Is that a common problem in women with endometriosis? I am 31 and have been dealing with surgery after surgery to scrape inside me, to removal of scar tissue closing off my colon. I have a hysterectomy scheduled for middle of September 2006, and he has to cut me, I had a c-section 6 years ago with my child, so I guess what I am asking is the pain going to be similar to the c-section? And is my problem with the lack of a period common?


Yes, recovery from a  hysterectomy is something like recovery from a C-Section.  You should discuss your irregular cycles with your physician.  The reason for your lack of cycles should be evaluated.  Discuss with your physician whether the ovaries will be left inside, because if they are both removed, you will experience an abrupt menopause unless some estrogen is given to you.  It would be advisable to discuss all of these issues with your physician prior to the surgery.

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Margery   Gass, MD Margery Gass, MD
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