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Right side eye lid and cheek swollen



It happens over night 3 times in last 2 months - I waked up with swollen eyelid and swollen cheek only on right side. Saw Doctors, no one saw this before. Gave me Cloderm & Mimyx. Did patch test, allergy to nickel sulfate and gold; also min. reaction to COLOPHONY and THIMEROSAL. I use the same thing all the time, why this happen? Even now I still feel my right eyelid and cheek "heavy" & "warm" when it seems normal. Thanks


This could be a contact dermatitis causing the swelling around your eyes or a form of angioedema (especially if it comes and goes).  Why all of a sudden you have developed this reaction is usually unclear/unknown.  If the swelling doesn't resolve with avoidance then I would see your allergist for further evaluation and treatment.

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