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Eye and Vision Care

Discolored sclera



The whites of my eyes are bloodshot with some slight burning and I noticed a yellow color in the corners of my eyes . I have been looking at the whites of my eyes the past few days and today noticed brown spots above my pupil under my eyelid. can you tell me what this might be? It`s only under my right eye.I know it is not pinkeye. I do not have any eye discharge


You may have dry eyes or allergies. If there is itching or swelling, that's a sign that allergies are present. There are many over-the-counter products available for both dry eye and eye allergies. Avoid products that say, "Gets the red out". You want artificial tears/lubricants/moisture drops or products for allergy eyes.

The brown area or areas on your eye are typically called melanosis (presence of melanin or pigment). This acquired condition occurs more in darker pigmented races, eg, blacks, Indians, Asians, etc. The number of brown areas often increase with normal aging. Pigment (brown area) can travel from the inner eye along with blood vessels and nerves to the outer part of the eye. This is normal. Most people don't notice these changes unless they are looking very carefully at their eyes. Eye doctors see these findings routinely but don't mention them because they are normal and harmless.

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Cynthia Gale Heard, OD Cynthia Gale Heard, OD
Assistant Professor, Clinical Optometry
College of Optometry
The Ohio State University