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Urinary Disorders

Kidney stone? What does this mean



I just received my ultrasound report, would you please help me understand the interpretation... 1. Hyperechoic calculus measuring 8 mm in left kidney. Left kidney 11.1 cm in diameter versus 10.5 cm in right. (Is the left kidney enlarged, what does hyperechoic mean and is an 8mm stone difficult to pass, will I know? I am a female)

Also, I have a 5mm anechoic custic region in the tail of pancreas measuring 5mm, no blood flow to it.

Cholelithiasis and thickened gallbladder wall of .4cm and suggestion is chronic cholecystitis. Mobile stones.

How are these related and what does it mean at this point? Bacteria, blood and RBC in urine and elevated liver enzymes. Please help me understand any part of this that you can.


This question has been forwarded by Kidney Diseases:

A hyperechoic 8 mm lesion is the way stones look on ultrasound. You could have a CT or MRI or IVP to evaluate all of the abnormalities described in the report (these are all abreviations for other tests that can evaluate the lesions described). 8 mm kidney stones may not pass spontaneously and you should seek an opinion from a urologist. If the stone tries to pass you could be asymptomatic or you could have severe pain. The lesions described could be better assessed by CT.

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