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Parkinson's Disease




2 questions: 1. strategies can a person with parkinson`s use to be successful in life? 2. what issues surround parkinson`s?


It is not clear what the second part of this question is asking.  In regard to the first, there are many strategies a person with PD can use to stay active and mobile. 

The treatment of PD is multidisciplinary and should include the proper medications according to the individuals symptoms, good nutrition and hydration, adequate sleep, control of any mood disturbances, and a daily exercise program. 

It is the belief of the team at our PD center that all of these are equally important in the treatment.  We encourage daily balance and stretching exercises, as well as a more aerobic or active exercise several times a week.  This helps to improve or maintain flexibility and mobility and can improve sleep and mood as well. 

Trying to stay active with normal daily tasks is very important also.  This should include maintaining participation in hobbies, social activities and work.

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Karen M Thomas, DO Karen M Thomas, DO
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University