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Vaginal discharge & kidney pain



I am 36, I have had a hysterctomy 6 years ago (due to endometriosis). The past three months I have kiddney pains off and on, sometimes very saver, nasaed, very pal. I have had several test (colon scope, blood work, endoscope,ct w/wo contrast..looking for stones..which I do not have nor have I ever had) all have come up OK. Last year I had my gullbladder removed do to it not functioning properly. Now I have a white discharge vaginally...could this cause my kidney pain? The discharge doesn`t seam to have an odder, doesn`t itch, my lower back somtimes hurts,my lower pelvis hurts especially went presure is applied , chills off and on,nausa,and I still have pain in the kiddney area...Do I need to be concered or is this just an BV infection? If I need to be concered, what should I ask my doctor to check for?


The vaginal discharge is not associated with your kidneys.  If it is new and different from your usual discharge, see your physician for an evaluation.  If you have started any hormonal therapy, it could be related to that.  If you are in a sexual relationship, it could be related to sexual activity and should be evaluated.  Occasionally, yeast infections can be asymptomatic.  BV usually has the characteristic strong fishy odor.

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