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Athletic Training

Ankle sprain that won`t heal



HI, I sprained my ankle on June 8th and it was casted for 5 weeks. After the cast was removed I went to physical therapy. I was in physical therapy for 5 weeks. I saw the orthopedic doctor again and he ordered an MRI which showed a bone bruise and a partial ligament tear. He wasn`t concerned. I went back to physical therapy until now, September 29th and my ankle is still swollen and painful. My doctor is still not concerned and said it will just take time and some ankle sprains are like that. I`m still not satisfied. Do you have any advice for me?

Thank you, Adam


Many ankle sprains do, in fact, take months to heal properly.  If you are sure that you have done everything that your doctor, athletic trainer, or therapist have asked you to do and that you have followed all instructions given to you, then you may want to seek a second opinion from another physician.  This may bring you satisfaction that you are progressing or shed some more light on your situation.

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