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Urinary Tract Cancers

Gross hematuria - daily for 6 months



I have had painless gross hematuria for the last 6 months. This occurs almost daily. I very occasionaly have a 3 day break with no blood. I have had my bladder checked and it was ok. I have also had a IVU xray and that was negative. I have recently had an ultra sound of my kidney. The radiologist said she couldn`t see anything there, either. Over the last months I have had episodes of very, very red urine, which is quite scary. I also have traces of protein in my urine and get a slight ache in my right side. There is no infection and no pain passing water. I don`t know if its relevant, but I do get up around twice each night to pass water. I`m really worried in case something has been missed and a reason doesn`t always get found for hematuria. I have been advised that with all the checks that and as long as the cancer checks are clear, it`s ok.


Evaluations for hematuria are surprisingly accurate in finding serious causes for bleeding, but unless a specific cause is found the evaluation per se does not stop the bleeding. Urologists rely on tincture of time to stop bleeding that does have a specific cause. I suggest that you have a second opinion. If that opinion has a negative outcome you probably do not have to worry about a serious condition. Getting the  bleeding to stop is another matter but you can be assured that the bleeding is not the result of something serious.

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