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Erectile Dysfunction (ED)




My symptoms are: Depressed mood due to job loss and other family issues.  A thorough of loss of self esteem. I had mild gynecomesstia since puberty that I operated two months earlier the marriage. Performance Anxiety (mild).

I can`t explain the days when I felt deppressed (sweating all day, loss of apetiite, loss of attention and a severe pain in body musles). The situation would last for some days then again I become normal but it happened again and again after some interval. The doctor said that I am a tense personality and nothing else is wrong with me. My teststerone level was normal and I had very strong libido as well.

Just a couple of week before my wedding night I started feeling that I am losing my morning errections and there is something wrong with me. I went to my Urologist and he put me on an injection test and said you are OK your problem is pshycogenic and he reffered me to a pshyciatrist. After noting all my history he put me on Seroxat 20mg dose a day. It worked and I was able to have intercourse. It`s been more than six months now and I am still not like I was just two weeks before marriage. I tried viagra and it was the worst experience due to severe side effects.


It sounds like like you have a mixed bag of problems. It might be a combination of psychogenic, hormonal and vascular factors. You need to see a urologist, psychologist and possibly an endocrinologist.

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Allen D Seftel, MD Allen D Seftel, MD
Formerly, Professor of Urology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University