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Exercise and Fitness

Carbohydrates burned during workout



I walked 30 minutes on an eliptical machine, and the monitor shows I burned 550 calories and 58 carbs. How many grams of carbs did I burn? Also, is an eliptical machine really the best workout?


Elliptical machines provide great aerobic cross-training.  You do not walk on elliptical machines, you stand on them and move your feet in elliptical strides.  As a result, the heel of your foot may move, but unlike walking on a treadmill most of your foot remains on the pedal at all times creating a low-impact workout.  Another advantage of elliptical machines includes the ability to perform the activity in forward and reverse motions.  An elliptical machine is an excellent exercise tool, as long as it is put to use! 

Regarding your question about carbohydrates; they provide energy (on average, 4 kcal/g.).  The Elliptical machines that I am most familiar with do not calculate carbohydrates burned.  Rather than focusing on fuel burning, I would suggest placing your focus on total calories burned.  Good luck in making exercise part of your daily activity. 

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