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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Stress After Surgery or Trauma



After a total knee replacement, is it typical for a paitent to be mean and rude a refuse to sit in a chair? All she wants to do is lay in bed and they are letting her she is still in the hospital that is where she will rebhilate.. this is so out of character for her....... thanks


Certainly any surgery is a major life event, and individuals react differently to these stresses.  Only her physician and physical therapist can address what is appropriate for her physical recovery (e.g., when to sit, stand, walk, etc.) 

I encourage you to talk to this person about how she is feeling, both emotionally and physically. (Don't forget, that surgery is painful, and people react to pain in different ways).  Consider having a mental health professional, such as a counselor, also talk to her if this refusal to participate in her care continues.  Many possibilities are present, and in such a specific case, it is best to take your concerns to the patient's personal care providers.


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