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Face and Jaw Surgery

Traumatic facial injuries



I hope you can help me.. Three years ago I fell down the stairs,and broke my jaw,chin and many teeth.The surgeon had to wire my jaw shut plus put a metal pin in my jaw bone. after the surgery I had paralysas on the right side of my face.My Dr. ref me to Georetown Hopital for nerve testing,all the nerves tested o.k. Three years later some of my facial movement has retured.I still can`t raise my eyebrow,close my eye completly,and my smile is lopsided. I been to serveral Doctors and not one has an answer.I hope you can help. I would love my smile back. Thank You


It appears from the description you have given you had right side facial paralysis that has improved a bit. I am not sure what kind of nerve testing you had. Your injury could be due to traction / stretching or surgical injury. There are no perfect procedures to correct such nerve injuries. Some facial animation/ suspension procedures correct partial deformity, but will not be completely symmetric.

Among all the problems you described, not being able to close the upper eyelid completely is a major concern. This can lead to drying of the eyes, corneal injury, or corneal ulcers etc. There are good procedures to help the closure of the eye. You need to see a surgeon who deals with correction of eyelids regarding this. If you have further concerns, they can be addressed only after a complete examination.

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