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Eye and Vision Care

My eyes are getting very bad fast



Hi I am a photographer and use my eyes a lot for taking photos and then editing them. Over the past year my sight has gotten very bad. I do not ware glasses and never have and i could see better then most people and read small print easy. I am 45 years old.

With in this last year my eyes just seem to be getting less sharp and now over the last few months i can now longer read small print at all and it seems like its getting worse i can not read normal size print now with out a very hard time.

What could be the problem i have no insurance so i have not went to a doctor.



You are at the correct age for developing symptoms from presbyopia. This condition happens in everyone because the lens inside our eye doesn't adjust anymore to allow us to read up close without assistance. It requires simple correction with reading glasses or a multifocal lens, if you have distance correction too. You should have an eye exam as soon as you can to get the proper correction for your vision.

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Cynthia Gale Heard, OD Cynthia Gale Heard, OD
Assistant Professor, Clinical Optometry
College of Optometry
The Ohio State University