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Ankle sprain & slow recovery



Hi, I had a nasty ankle sprain in the first week of Sept, and my ankle was swollen pretty bad. Xrays did not indicate a fracture.

After almost 2 months of care (RICE, .. XYZ) there is still some swelling around the injured area (no bruising though, which was present initially), and the ankle feels very weak and unstable. How should I go about strenghtening my ankle, since I am worried about re-injuring it whenever I walk/bike around.


There are many exercises that can be performed for strengthening, and to assure normal return to range of motion. The exercises performed, though, will vary according to your present use patterns, your current strength, and any swelling or pain that you may still have in your ankle. For these reasons, we would suggest that you get a couple sessions with a physical therapist, as prescribed by your physician. This will enable precise diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Good luck!

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Stephen J Page, PhD Stephen J Page, PhD
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