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Urinary Tract Cancers

Persistent Gross Hematuria With Clotting/Pus



I am a 37 year old female, obese. A couple of months ago I noticed my underwear was very bloody, although I did not have my period. However, the next day it was gone. I do not smoke, but did smoke briefly at the age of 18.

Last week, the blood came again, but now it`s been persistent for a week. It is contious frank bleeding, with a heavy flow requiring a maxipad, with a lot of clots, and some long, narrow red clots. I have also noticed pus, and one evening, a big piece of white pus, maybe two inches long by almost an inch wide.

I am not experiencing any pain.

I refered myself to a urologist, and the office staff told my to go to my general physician and have a urinalysis done. I did, dipstick - my urine was red with clots, but no bacteria.

Again, at the urologists, the urine did not have bacteria. The urologist scheduled me for a kidney ultrasound next Tuesday. He also scheduled me for testing of my bladder (retrograde?) under general anesthesia, but that`s not for another three weeks.

Everything I have read in researching my symptoms would indicate I have bladder cancer. I am worried about delaying three weeks when I have such heavy clotted continuous flow of frank hematuria.

Do you have any thoughts and advice?

Which medical hospitals in Ohio and practices are most recognized for outstanding care of bladder cancer patients?


The average age for bladder cancer is 66. The urologist will find out what is causing the bleeding if you are patient.

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