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Sleep and Asthma



The worst part of nighttime asthma is losing sleep. When my asthma acts up at night I get up and use my inhaler, sit up for an hour or so, feel better, go back to bed but a couple hours later I wake up wheezing again, etc., etc. This makes for very disrupted sleep especially when it happens several nights in a row. By the time the sun comes up I`m usually fine, just tired from not having slept.

I hate running to my dr after one or 2 nights of wheezing because for one thing I probably won`t be wheezing any more by the time I get to the dr`s office, and for another thing, the night time wheezing will probably go away on its own anyway if I just stick it out.

The worst part is dragging myself to work after being up all night. I usually don`t wheeze or cough during the day. I do take daily asthma medications & have a rescue inhaler when necessary.

Its just the sleep part that bothers me, and thats not all the time, just sometimes.

What is the best way to get some sleep when asthma is acting up at night?


When asthma persistently wakes you at night, it is severe and not well controlled. The fact that you have minimal symptoms during the day does not lessen the severity status. Your medication must be adjusted as soon as possible to allow you to sleep without being awakened.

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