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How would sarcoid show up in the blood? Could a high von willebrands and high factor 8 (which could mean increased clotting) but at the same time excessive bleeding when stuck although ptt/pt and platelet functions are normal put a known systemic sarcoid pt at a higher risk of bleeding problems with surgery? This person had a clot post-op a few yrs ago and yet bled excessively during that same surgery (the doctors were stumped). She is getting ready to have an AICD placed under general anesthesia for cardiac sarcoid and is concerned about a repeat performance. Thank you.


The usual manifestations of sarcoidosis in the blood can include a low white blood cell count, a change in the profile of certain white blood cells (lower numbers of T-helper type white blood cells), and if the spleen is very large, there can be low numbers of platelets and anemia (low red blood cell count). 

To my knowledge there are no reported cases blood clotting abnormalities related to overproduction of von Willebrand or factor 8.  I would defer to a hematology expert on what further testing or treatment is needed before placement of the AICD.


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