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Menopause with one ovary



I had a hysterectomy and have one remaining ovary,I am in menopause,I`m 51,I take Estradiol,I have night sweats hot flashes,palpatations,water retention,moodiness,etc.will it take just as long to go through menopause as if I had 2 ovaries??Why do I experience all symptoms so bad being on hormone?I thought it was suppose to help this??I am on the lowest dosage.Thank you.


The length of time that you have symptoms is not related to having one or two ovaries.  The fact that you are on the lowest dose of estradiol may explain why you are still having symptoms.  Estradiol from tablets are cleared from the body very rapidly.  Some people find better relief of symptoms taking the estradiol tablet every 12 hours.  Check with your clinician to see if a higher dose would be suitable for you for awhile.  The estradiol patches have more consistent blood levels.

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Margery   Gass, MD Margery Gass, MD
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