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How can I balance my work and home lives?



My husband and I both work outside the home. Lately I have been feeling overwhelmed with trying to manage the daily apspects of my life. I feel like I`m missing out on the non-work things that are more important. Do you have any suggestions for making the change from obsessed, overworked mom to an interested, caring mom? Help!


While the concept of a well-balanced life is a goal that many people strive for, attaining it is at least as difficult, if not more difficult, than ever. Most of us are bombarded on all fronts – home, work, family, friends, etc. We long for a more relaxed pace in our lives, yet struggle to attain that aspiration.

Here are a few ideas to consider. Maybe one or two will "speak" to you. Find the suggestion that seems to fit best for now knowing that new alternatives may be necessary in the future.

Relationships not cultivated soon wither. They thrive on contact and mutual sharing and support. A spirit undernourished turns cynical and dies.

For your whole person to remain vital, you will have to take responsibility for nourishing all aspects of your health – body, mind, and spirit. Doing so will help you form a balancing "bridge" between work and home. Taking small steps on a daily basis will lead you towards more relaxation and greater life fulfillment.


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Elizabeth R Click, ND, RN, CWP Elizabeth R Click, ND, RN, CWP
Assistant Professor of Nursing and Medical Director
Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing
Case Western Reserve University