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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Mitral Valve Prolapse



I just had an echocardiogram which showed a mitral valve prolapse. The tech explained and showed me everything. Then when the doctor came in he said everything was fine. 

Is there a reason why a doctor wouldn`t mention a mitral valve prolapse?  Is it not a big deal becuase, to be honest, it explains a lot of my symptoms over the past year?  At least the tech put my mind at ease.


Over the years, the criteria for diagnosing MVP have become stricter. The leaflets may appear to prolapse, but unless they 'sag' or prolapse by a specific measured amount, we don't usually diagnose MVP. When we read the echo, we usually measure the amount of prolapse to see if it meets the criteria for MVP. (There are a lot of conditions that can make the mitral valve leaflets prolapse a little even in normal patients.)

I would check with your doctor about the official echo report, and see if the measurements support a diagnosis of MVP.

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Karen   Kutoloski, DO Karen Kutoloski, DO
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