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Diagnosing Adult Onset Asthma



I recently stopped having Uticaria for the past 8 months. After months of head to toe welts, facial swelling, and chest discomfort(excessive coughing and difficulty breathing at times) I was finally able to go off my meds. However I continue to get these bouts of thick drainage, chronic coughing, chest pressure or burn(like when you run in the cold) and lastly when you breathe theres almost a tickle like feeling during the exhale. My 4 year old has asthma and on a necessity I used his rescue inhaler(I know thats not recommended) in about 8 mins I felt some relief. Does it sound like I have developed adult onset asthma?


You may be developing asthma but it is not certain just from your description of symptoms. You need to consult your physician. You should not use your son's inhaler. Even normal people will experience an "opening up" sensation after use of a rescue inhaler.

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