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Lung diseases

Morning cough



I got a problem here Which I got to mention .I have got an Acute morning Cough .Rest all day is normal .It happens only when I get Up and that too with a vomit sensation which Knowingly I cant control.I am 30 rears old now it there with me from 7 8 years.


Cough is a very frequent respiratory complaint and has many different causes.  Morning cough with sputum production occurs very frequently in smokers and accompanies chronic bronchitis.  It also occurs with post nasal drainage, nasal congestion, and sinusitis.  Lastly, gastroesophageal reflux is also a frequent cause of coughing and may be accompanied by water brash, a bilious taste, heart burn, or indigestion.

It would be beneficial to schedule an appointment to discuss your symptoms with your primary care physician who will be better able to determine the precise cause or causes of your cough and initiate appropriate treatment.

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