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Kidney Diseases




I`m 28 y/o male, 5`10, 170lbs, smoker, drink alkohol occasionally. My doctor said that my uric acide in my blood is a bit to high due to dehydration and overexercise, but i do drink powerade or drinks with electrolights wich should prevent it, and in the same time i change my exercise routine?? Still my blood test shows no changes?? My recent blood chemistry is: glucose 94 MG/DL bun 8 MG/DL creatinine 1.0 MG?DL sodium 139 MMOL/L potassium 4.0 MMOL/L chloride 99 MMOL/L CO2 29.8 MMOL/L calcium 9.3 MG/DL bun/ crea ratio 8.0 L MG/DL My question is if my bun/crea ratio is lower then it should be is there any concern for my kidnys or liver? Dose the low bun/ crea ratio has something to do with my all day tiredness? Thank you


The BUN and creatinine levels tell us how well the kidneys excrete normal metabolic waste products (that are made by breakdown of foods).  Both your BUN and creatinine are normal, so I see no cause for concern.  With kidney disease, the BUN and creatinine are high (not low).  With liver disease, the BUN may be low, but this occurs with advanced disease (such as cirrhosis) and is not an early sign.  The BUN varies with the amount of protein (specifically meat) that a person eats, so if you are a vegetarian or if you hadn't eaten much meat on the day before your blood test, the BUN could have been a little low on that day, causing a low ratio.  Your lab tests show nothing that would account for being tired.  However, if the tiredness is a big problem for you, your CBC (complete blood count) should also be checked to make sure you're not anemic (low in red blood cells).

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