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Pus cell count & Blood in Urine

Pus cell count & Blood in Urine



Should there be any pus cell count (in urine) in a female`s body. Can you please tell what is the alarming stage …I mean at how much count per HPF it should be considered prone to some kind of ifection in the body? Also, what is the significance of presence of blood in the urine.


Urine should have no pus cells or blood. In females, urine usually, contains epithelial cells which are cells shedding from the urethra or contamination with vagina.

If white and or red blood cells are present in the urine, it suggests inflammation, infection and or contamination with vaginal secretions. Asymptomatic pyuria “pus in urine” should be carefully investigated, for it may be caused by kidney stones or other serious conditions in the genitourinary tract.

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