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Mouth Diseases

Excessive production of saliva in the mouth



My mouth has developed a constant overproduction of saliva. It has gotton to the point that my lining of the cheek is raw from sucking in the salvia. Please advise what I should do, I have been to several doctors and my dentist. I am on antidepressent medication and have not changed any prescriptions. This conditionm just appeared one day, several months ago. I am very uncomfortable. I hope you have a solution.


Overproduction of saliva or hypersalivation (also termed sialorrhea) is uncommon and can have a variety of causes.  Some of the more likely ones include new dental work (like crowns, bridges, dentures or partials), gastroesophageal reflux disease, and some medications.  Drugs are available that can reduce your saliva production, but they often have significant side effects and should not be prescribed until your situation is fully reviewed.  

I recommend that you ask your dentist if he/she can refer you to an oral and maxillofacial pathologist so that your saliva problem can be assessed in person.  If that is not possible, another dental specialist that could be considered would include an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.  

Treatment options or alternatives can be better discussed when all the important information of your medical and dental history can be considered together with a clinical inspection of your mouth and saliva production.

Good luck!

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John R Kalmar, DMD, PhD John R Kalmar, DMD, PhD
Clinical Professor of Pathology
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University