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Asthma and Peak Flows



I have mild asthma but also have a myopathy with associated respiratory muscle weakness (MIP 25%,MEP 21%,MVV 31%,FVC 73%,DLCO 67%). I have a peak flow meter and the highest I can go on it is average 250.What is the normal for this ( I am a 43 yr old female)? At what point, would I would need to worry? I do have air hunger as a result of the myopathy and resp. muscle weakness and have dyspnea on exertion also. It`s hard to tell sometimes if it is the asthma or the resp. muscle weakness.I have never had much wheezing- just more dyspnea than anything. Is the peak flow something I should concern myself with? Thanks for your help and have a great holiday!


From the studies you list it cannot be verified that you actually have asthma. Your FEV1 should be decreased and you should show reversibility after bronchodilators. Your PEF should be about 450L. I think your symptoms are due to your myopathy. You should see a specialist if you have doubt.

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