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Vascular Surgery

Persistent leg swelling after surgery



hi - my mom had vascular surgery on right leg (top of leg near crease) beginning september 2006. swelling was immediate and expected. however, over 3 months the swelling never went down, in fact has increased and also into the ankle. I have felt her leg - it is rock hard with swelling. her surgeon saw her the other day, looked at the leg and didn`t say much. surgery was for plaque blockage; has had 2 ultrasounds since surgery showing normal.

my question: is this normal? how long can it take for swelling to go down? if not normal, what should she be saying to her surgeon?


You did not mention if there was an incision in the groin or just a needle puncture. If angioplasty was performed then there may have been some blood which oozed into the tissues after the procedure and caused a hematoma or collection of blood. This is like a big bruise and can take the body a good amount of time to heal it. An ultrasound of the groin and affected leg will help determine if there is presence of blood clot.

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