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Athletic Training

Arm pain



I enjoy lifting but lately I have been having pain in my elbow area of the arm only when I am lifting. I do have "tennis elbow" but it comes and goes and right now it does not bother me. Could this be the reason I am feeling pain when I lift and what could I do about it?


The first thing you should do is see a physician who can verify what is causing your pain. Many different structures can cause pain in the elbow that appear to be in the same spot.

If you do indeed have tennis elbow, this can cause discomfort during many activities.  If it gets bad enough, it can become very uncomfortable during everyday activities.  During most lifts, the muscles that stabilize the wrist and hand originate at the elbow, so if you have tennis elbow this would cause pain.

Common treatments include: rest, ice, stretching, and strengthening exercises. They do make a tennis elbow strap that can relieve some discomfort.  Strengthening exercises would focus on the wrist:  wrist curls, wrist extensions and pronation/supination exercises. Use light weight that is pain free during exercises and progress as tolerated.

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Jeffery  A Bright, MS, ATC/L Jeffery A Bright, MS, ATC/L
Assistant Athletic Trainer, Department of Athletics
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University