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Reducing Exercising Trigger for Asthma



I can exercise to some extent, even with chronic asthma, but when I stop the activity, housework, short walk, etc., that is when the attack occurs. Is there a way to avoid this onset of symptoms at the end of an activity?


Up to 90% of all people with asthma identify exercise as potent trigger of their asthma.  The asthma symptoms associated with exercise often occur after the activity is over- which sounds like what you are experiencing. 

I recommend using two puffs of your albuterol inhaler 15 minutes before any activity where you will be exerting yourself.  This should give you some element of protection for about 3 hours.  I also recommend making sure you have a short "warm-up" period before you exercise.  If you still are having problems after trying the above, I would see your asthma specialist.

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Jonathan P Parsons, MD, MSc Jonathan P Parsons, MD, MSc
Clinical Associate Professor
Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care & Sleep
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University